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Dana B. Goods is a distributor of quality musical instruments and accessories to U.S. music stores.Specializing in the creative and dynamic marketing of the products that they represent, Dana B. Goods is known for their outstanding customer service.

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Mod Your MTD Kingston!

We are now offering Bartolini and HipShot Tuners, Bridges and MTD SoftTouch knobs upgrades for the MTD Kingston Saratoga Deluxe, MTD Kingston Super 4 and 5 and MTD Kingston Z series of basses.  This carefully curated selection of upgrades has been selected by Michael Tobias.  The bridges and tuners are unique to MTD.  The Bartolini preamps and pickups feature both standard and MTD proprietary designs.  And the knobs – they are just like the ones on some of the MTD USAs. 
 If you are a dealer, please call JimmyC at 805-856-1711 or send him an email at   If you are a musician and want more info, call Katie at 805-856-1701 or send her an email at  


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