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Dana B. Goods is a distributor of quality musical instruments and accessories to U.S. music stores.Specializing in the creative and dynamic marketing of the products that they represent, Dana B. Goods is known for their outstanding customer service.

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DBG announce Grace Harbor line of acoustic guitars

Grace Harbor Acoustic Guitars

Dana B. Goods is very pleased to introduce its first series of instruments made specifically for us – the Grace Harbor Acoustic Guitar line.  We have been working with off-shore manufacturers for over 25 years and know that some incredible instruments are made there.  We carefully selected the best manufacturing facility and specified what we think is important to US guitarists – both beginning and professional.  

The instrument has to sound good.  It has to be very high quality – even at its most simplified version.  It has to be affordable.  We feel that the Grace Harbor Guitar line embraces this triad – great tone – great quality – great price.  It is a wonderful instrument.

The Grace Harbor line includes steel string and nylon string acoustic guitars, solid tops and laminate.  All instruments come with a hard case and are carefully stored in our 40% to 60% Relative Humidity warehouse. 

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Grace Harbor
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