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Dana B. Goods began its musical journey as a full service distributor of musical products in October, 1992. We are located in beautiful Oxnard, California, just a few miles inland from several famous surfing spots.

To better know us is to better know the products we represent! So let's get to it!

MTD Kingston:
 Driven by a desire to offer superb electric basses at a price that everyone can afford, legendary bass luthier Michael Tobias created the MTD Kingston series of basses and guitars.  The MTD Kingston line shares many of the same design elements and qualities as his handmade American series of basses and guitars but at a much lower price.  We also distribute MTD gigbags and bass strings.

Grace Harbor: Very high quality yet reasonably priced acoustic guitars.  It is the first “Dana B. Goods” brand and is built by a premier manufacturing facility that DBG has worked with for decades. 

Bartolini Pickups and Electronics:  Bartolini has been making the best pickups for over 40 years and we are thrilled to be distributing them.  Well known in the bass world, Bartolini is expanding its offerings to guitarists now!  Incredible engineering and tone is a hallmark of the Bart sound and now guitarists can also experience the Bart difference.

Lehle: Amazing performance. Innovative designs. Ultimate flexibility. These are just a few of the words that describe Lehle products. Made in Germany under the watchful gaze of Burkhard Lehle, Lehle switchers allow players to easily build custom switching and looping pedalboards.   Lehle products are building blocks which help tame multiple instrument/multiple amplifier/multiple effects configurations with pristine signal path, durability, and German build quality.

Diago: The folks at Diago design and engineer innovative products for musicians. They focus on making high quality, indispensable products that are low on gimmicks and high on functionality. Whether is it their amazing Powerstation power supplies, their roadie-approved pedalboards, solderless cable systems, or their head-turning, face-melting Little Smasher guitar amp, you can count on your Diago gear night after night, year after year.

Humfrees: The Humfrees Mounting System isolates all of your rackmount units from each other and the rack itself - thereby eliminating groundloops. They are used by top recording engineers and touring musicians all over the world to make sure that only their music gets through, not the noise!

In addition to our wonderful roster of musical products, Dana B. Goods is made of an equally wonderful group of people!

Our Management Team:

Dana Teague, (805) 856-1701: El Jefe, Warranty and Service Tech, oldies freak, guitar picker, singer, computer hacker, master of the metaphor, Master Brewmeister.*

Katie Teague, (805) 856-1702: Marketing Manager/Artist Relations, Online Media, Mother Hen, Master of all, and way too smart.*

Grace Teague, (805) 856-1703: Accounting, Tech, Service and Repairs. She has inherited the best from each parent and is very good with set up, repair work and bean counting.*

Our Independent Sales Rep Team:

Jimmy C., (805) 856-1711 (direct), (805) 644-6621 (main): Sales associate for all products. Finger-style acoustic guitarist. Plays bass and ukulele as well. When not working or strumming, he can usually be found on a fairway somewhere. One, two, three, FORE!!!*

Shipping and Warehouse Manager:

Carlos Martinez (805) 856-1708:  Carlos makes sure that all shipments are packed securely and get out the door as quickly as possible.  He also manages the warehouse, finds missing inventory, services the forklifts, etc.  He is a soccer nut, a Steelers fan, snowboards, travels and is all around a nice thoughtful guy. 

Stella  Stella is our intrepid warehouse dog.  She actually belongs to Carlos but she is part of the DBG team.  Her job is to chase balls, laze in the sun, stay warm by the shop heaters, and say hello every morning.  Since she is a pitbull mix she does a great job deterring bad guys too!