The DBG Family!


This year’s Winter NAMM was the busiest we have seen it for a long time. As in years past we shared a booth with Michael and Daniel Tobias of Michael Tobias Design – USA and the booth was packed the whole time.

Due to doubling the previous size of our booth we had the opportunity for a completely new layout, allowing us to better showcase all of our lines. For the first time we were able to display the full lineup of the MTD Kingston Series basses and guitars, including our two newest models, the Saratoga Deluxe and the Super 5.

Dana B. Goods also revealed a sneak peak at our next venture, Grace Harbor acoustic guitars. The full lineup includes solid topped Parlor, Classical, Grand Concert, and Dreadnought guitars, as well as a laminate topped Dreadnought and Dreadnought Cutaway Electric. They will range in price from $429 to $519 (retail), including a hard shell case.

A special thanks to TecAmp for loaning us their products for our demo area – the Pleasure Board was a big hit! 

Current lines include the Michael Tobias Design (MTD) Kingston basses and guitars, the new Grace Harbor Acoustic Guitar line, Bartolini Pickups and Electronics, Aria Guitars, XVIVE Audio, Mooer Audio, Lehle (lee-LA) signal routing solutions, RMI’s Basswitch and Acouswitch IQ DI and all their offspring, Diago Guitar Gear, aNueNue (a-newie-newie) ukuleles, and Humfrees.  We are proud to carry all of these lines and stand behind them.

As always, the Dana B. Goods Facebook page is a great place to go for an overview of all of our daily activities and updates on all of our product lines. Be sure to be a Friend of our page today! We also strongly encourage you to check out the official Facebook pages for all of our product lines. It is the best way to stay current, to get answers, and have a great time!  Be sure to “like” them when you visit their pages.

With regards,

Dana & Katie Teague