Dana B. Goods is a distributor of quality musical instruments and accessories to U.S. music stores. Specializing in the creative and dynamic marketing of the products that they represent, Dana B. Goods is known for their outstanding customer service.

Signal Routing Solutions

Amazing performance. Innovative designs. Ultimate flexibility. These are just a few of the words that describe LEHLE products. Made in Germany under the watchful gaze of Burkhard Lehle, these signal routing solutions help players to easily meet multiple challenges and offer not only wear free volume pedals or isolated splitters, but several switching and mixing solutions for instruments, amplifiers and effects configurations with pristine signal path, durability, and German build quality.

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Pickups & Electronics

Bartolini has been making the best pickups for over 40 years and we are thrilled to be distributing them. Well known in the bass world, Bartolini is expanding its offerings to guitarists now! Incredible engineering and tone is a hallmark of the Bart sound and now guitarists can also experience the Bart difference.

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